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Cancel my membership

Sometimes members wish to cancel and we understand that. We will make this process as smooth as possible for you. If there is a particular service that isn't meeting your requirements, or there is something you feel we could do better, we would love to know too. Here you will be able to cancel your memberships for:

Leisure Memberships

Student Leisure Memberships
Junior Leisure Club

Golf Membership

*DID YOU KNOW? You can freeze your membership instead of cancelling. Members can freeze any membership for up to 6 months which means you do not need to fill out any paperwork when you decide to return. You can also return early if needed too. There also is no charge for freezing your membership and you avoid any start up fees if you decide to return. If you would like to continue though, please complete the cancellation form below.


Cancel My Membership
We are sorry you are cancelling, but would love to have you back one day. We occasionally have special offers for ex members. If you would like to hear from us about these offers, please select how you would like to hear from us. North Northamptonshire Council takes your privacy seriously. To view our Privacy Notice please visit
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