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Exercise for Teenagers

To learn more about our teen fit, teen fir circuits and train together sessions please read the below.. 

To book or to find out more about any of these sessions please call either Lodge Park Sports Centre on 01536 400033 or Corby East Midlands International Pool on 01536 464643. 

Teen Fitness Sessions

Specifically for 12 - 15 year olds, these sessions are fully supervised by our gym team ensuring they are training safely throughout. Spaces are limited so pre-booking is advised.


A Full Teen Fit Induction is required before using the facilities, where we will show users how to use each piece of equipment. Users are able to use:


All cardio machines such as Treadmills, Bikes, Cross-Trainers etc.

A resistance equipment such as Chest Press, Seated Row, Lat Pull Down etc.

Dumbbells / Barbells / Olympic Lifting is not included due to health and safety reasons.

These sessions are included in the Junior Leisure Club Membership.


Exercise for Teenagers


Specifically for 12 - 15 year olds, but now adults members can train with children at any time of day. As these sessions are not supervised by our gym team, the responsibility lies with the adult member (18+) to ensure the child they are responsible for is acting appropriately.


A Full Teen Fit Induction is required before using the Train Together option for the first time. Please speak to a member of reception of the gym team to book.

Users can use the same equipment as the Teen Fitness Sessions (cardio and resistance machines). Dumbbells / Barbells / Olympic Lifting is available to use, however, this is under the sole guidance of the adult member. Adult members and the young people they are responsible for must not attempt any exercise or use any equipment they are not competent or safe to use.

We also allow young people aged 14+ to be able to attend our adult group exercise classes (with the exception of Body Pump, Kettlebells and Circuits) with a responsible adult member aged 18+. Adult members are responsible for the young person throughout the sessions attended.

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