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Good Boost Programme.

Good Boost technology offers personalised therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation in water in a fun and social environment. It is aimed to be accessible and adaptable for people living with joint conditions and wider long term health conditions, to provide an effective opportunity for supported self-management and wellbeing.

Aqua sessions are delivered through computer tablets and provide individually tailored exercise workouts which adapt and evolve after every workout and are designed to treat, manage and prevent musculoskeletal conditions, improve function, mobility and quality of life.

There are two sessions available:


Monday's 12:00pm to 13:00pm -  this session is open to individuals on the referral programme or those that have been consulted though the Get up and Go Scheme. The sessions will be available to attend as part of the Activity on Referral membership, for more information about our Activity on Referral scheme please visit

Wednesday's in the 20m pool 2:00pm to 3:00pm - this session is open to anyone over 18 that suffers from MSK conditions and feel they would like more guidance in the water. 


You can register on a tablet with a member of staff and book in online or at the desk, this process will take approximately 20 minutes.


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