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Phase IV
Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and/or lifestyle sessions offered to cardiac patients after they’ve had a cardiac event. It is designed to help patients get back on their feet – both physically and mentally – after a cardiac event or procedure. Our scheme provides both individual programmes and group exercise sessions in a safe environment under the guidance of are cardiac rehab trained exercise professionals in a community setting after your phase III rehab treatment in the hospital.

How do I access the scheme?

Access on to our referral scheme is given to you by your exercise physiologist at the hospital at the end of your phase III sessions. If you have not received this, and would like to join the scheme in Corby, please consult the hospital where you are receiving treatment.

What cardiac conditions does it cover?

Patients who would benefit from our scheme are those that:

- Had an acute cardiac event e.g. myocardial infarction

- Had or are awaiting revascularisation (coronary artery bypass graft surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention

- Has stable angina

- Had valve surgery

- Had heart transplantation

Had a cardioverter defibrillator implanted

What are the benefits?

- Reduced angina
- Reduced blood pressure
- Reduced anxiety and depression

- Longer life

- Improved lipid profiles

- Increased confidence and wellbeing

- Improved functional capacity

- Make friends

- Greater independence

Phase IV Cardiac Rehab
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