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to Dive

Working in partnership with Corby Steel Diving Club we want to provide a fun diving environment for all levels.

Diving Levels

To start diving lessons, children must be confident in deep water (4m) or have passed stage 4 on the new national plan for teaching swimming. Adults should also be confident swimming in very deep water but also be able to swim at least 25m.

Children’s Lessons (6 – 11 years) 

Divers follow a scheduled programme of training over a 6 week period with an assessment on the final week of the course. If a diver achieves the minimum scores required on all skills in the assessment, they will be allocated a place in a new lesson.

There are 5 booking levels which cover recreational diving with progressions through to elite squads for talented divers.
Lessons are available: Monday, Tuesdays, Saturday & Sundays.

Teen Lessons (12 – 15 years)

There are 3 levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) which covers recreational diving with progressions through to competitive squads for talented divers.

Divers work towards the ASA diving award scheme. Divers will be continuously assessed and moved to the next level as soon as they can complete all skills to the appropriate standard.

Lessons are available: Thursdays.

Adult lessons (16 years +)

There are 2 levels (Beginner and Advanced)
Divers must demonstrate they can complete certain skills to a competent level before moving to the advanced lesson.

Lessons are available: Thursdays


*Certificates and badges can be gained as achievements are met. There is an additional charge for these and they are issued at the end of each course. Please discuss with the aquatics team or reception for more information.

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