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SEND Swimming sessions

Updated: Jan 25

Corby East Midlands International Pool are extremely happy to announce that the SEND swimming sessions will be re-launched in February 2023, with monthly session’s running for individuals with additional needs or disabilities to attend with their family and close friends.

The Saturday session will be held outside of our normal opening hours to the public, this will allow a more relaxed and less hectic environment for individuals to come along and enjoy a fun swimming session with their family.

The session will take place in the 20m pool by the window, which is a warmer pool sitting at around 30degrees, the Aqua Tube and Pirate Pool will also be available as and when required during the session.

All bookings must be made via Corby Pool’s reception desk, pre booking your session in advance is always recommended as our pools operate on a maximum bather load and we staff accordingly.

The session times are 17:30-18:45.


 Saturday 17th February

Saturday 9th March 24

Saturday 13th April 24

 Saturday 4th May 24

 Saturday 1st June 24

Saturday 13th July 24

Saturday 3rd August 24

Saturday 24th August 24

Saturday 7th September 24

Saturday 19th October 24

Saturday 2nd November 24

Saturday 7th December 24

If you require further information about the session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or 01536 464643.


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