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Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods

HAZEL AND THOROUGHSALE WOODS - has been awarded the Green Flag Award Winners for 2014 - 2021. They have met the international standard in the following areas:

- A welcoming place                   - Healthy safe and secure         

- Clean and well maintained      - Sustainability
- Conservation and heritage      - Community involvement     
- Marketing                                  - Management     

Well done and a special thank you to the staff and volunteers. Without your dedication and commitment, this award would not be possible.

Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods form a unique area of ancient woodland and open ground, totalling 76.86ha, located in the centre of Corby. Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods used to lie at the centre of an extensive network of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland (ASNW) which extended to the north and south to form Rockingham Forest.  Following the growth of Corby in the early and mid-20th Century the two woods are now largely isolated from other notable ecological features (e.g. Carlton Purlieus Wood to the south west or Rockingham Wood to the north).

The wood is a fine example of an oak-ash woodland and, whilst not quite meeting the criteria for a SSSI designation, King’s Wood represents a strong addition to the compliment of existing nature reserves within the County. The site supports a rich and diverse fauna and flora, habitats and particular land use history. It also represents one of the last remaining fragments of the ancient woodland of Rockingham Forest.

Green Forest
Walking the Dog

Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods are a strong characterising element within Corby town centre, and are highly visible from key routes, including Westcott Way, Cottingham Road, Willow Brook Road and Jubilee Avenue.  As such they provide an attractive, green gateway to Corby town centre from the west.

The woods also provide an attractive backdrop to the town centre and are clearly visible from George Street, in addition to the  Willow Place shopping centre.

It is managed on a day to day basis by the councils woodland rangers and the Friends of Thoroughsale and Hazel Wood Group, which is made up of over 100 local volunteers committed to raising the standard and protecting the woodland.

Our Woodland Ranger is responsible for all operational tasks in our woodlands and can be found at The Log Cabin in the Boating Lake car park, if any members of the public have any questions.


The Management Team are responsible for completing all objectives set in our Management Plan, for example to encourage the development of a diverse woodland structure in all compartments, the Plan proposes to introduce small scale thinning and coppicing whilst intensifying and delivering positive biodiversity outcomes.

By March 2022, an approximate area of 42hectares will be coppiced, accomplished through the assistance of local volunteers, the Friends of Hazel and Thoroughsale, local school children and young people, and a range of community groups and businesses.

Leaflets, Links and Location

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Address: Weldon Woodland Park, Kettering Road, Weldon, NN17 3JG

Girls in the Park
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